Revolutionize Investing: 1400% Gain on Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) in Presale!

• The crypto market is experiencing a volatile period, with some coins experiencing significant losses while others are seeing substantial gains. Two such coins that have seen a significant drop in value are OKB (OKB) and Solana (SOL).
• Meanwhile, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has been on a steep upward trajectory, recently gaining 1400% during the presale phase.
• Market analysts believe that the price of ORBN will continue to rise.

Crypto Market Experiencing Volatile Period

The crypto market is going through an unpredictable time, with many digital currencies facing huge losses while others are soaring high. Two of these tokens that have experienced a great decline in their values include OKB (OKB) and Solana (SOL).

Orbeon Protocol Skyrockets in Presale

On the other hand, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has been climbing up significantly and saw an increase of 1400% during its fourth presale phase. Market experts predict that this token will continue to grow further in price.


OKB (OKB) is the native coin of the OKX trading platform which is one of the most popular places for buying and selling cryptocurrencies currently. It is an Ethereum chain ERC-20 token owned by OK Blockchain Foundation which can be used to determine and pay exchange fees as well as give users voting rights and rewards for staking it on OKX exchange. This token had a good start in 2021 but its price started decreasing again recently and it currently trades at $35.87 lower than its all-time high.

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is an open-source project using blockchain technology’s permissionless nature to provide decentralized financial services since 2020 from its office based in Geneva, Switzerland. It uses proof-of-stake consensus mechanism along with proof-of-history for security, functionality & speed thus reducing transaction times for validation purposes which makes it desirable for developers & businesses alike but it has suffered greatly due to its current trading price being 90% less than its ATH.

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Dynamic NFTs (dNFTs): Revolutionizing the NFT Market

• Chainlink has announced the launch of dynamic NFTs (dNFTs) that will serve as an evolution from static NFTs.
• dNFTs can be used for generative NFT art projects, tokenization of fantasy leagues and real-world assets, and more.
• It also allows for changes in metadata without losing its unique identifier, with hidden traits displayed through user interactions.

What Are Dynamic NFTs?

Chainlink recently announced the launch of dynamic NFTs (dNFTs), which are encoded smart contract logic that automates the change in the NFT based on specified conditions. This is an evolution compared to static NFTs, which are minted once and never changed. Examples of potential use cases include generative NFT art projects, tokenization of blockchain-built fantasy leagues, and real-world assets such as patents and real estate deeds.

Unique Features Of dNFTs

The uniqueness and applicability of dNFTs come from their ability to update some parts of their metadata without losing its unique identifier. There could be minting of dynamic NFTs based on specific conditions and hidden traits displayed through user interactions. In truth, several on-chain or off-chain events can trigger changes to a dNFT’s metadata—opening up endless possibilities with dNFTS in the ever-growing NTF design space.

Current dNTF Projects

Various dNFTS projects have already been launched, such as Lamelo Ball’s project—a fast rising star in American basketball league—which has redefined how people interact with sports stars‘ digital tokens. His project is just one example out of many potential applications for this new technology.

Chainlink Integrations

Chainlink provides tools that help developers create these dynamic NFTS with ease, making them much more accessible than before. The network keeps growing rapidly with recent integrations including three Chainlink services from four different chains over the last seven days alone.


Dynamic NFTS provide endless possibilities for creative use cases thanks to their ability to update parts of their metadata while maintaining its unique identifier even after change occurrs triggered by on/off chain events or user interactions — making them an exciting new addition to the ever-growing world of NFTS!

Revolutionize Your Data Storage with Hub Cloud: Enhanced Security & Privacy for Less

• TangleHUB launched the decentralized storage platform Hub Cloud with greater privacy, enhanced security and fraction of the cost of existing centralized solutions.
• Core of Hub Cloud is the open-source decentralized storage and transfer infrastructure PIPE.
• TangleHUB conducted BETA testing for Hub Cloud with customers reporting increased satisfaction and peace of mind.

Software development company TangleHUB, which specializes in decentralized storage solutions, recently announced the launch of their minimum viable product (MVP) for Hub Cloud. This revolutionary new storage platform offers businesses and individuals with an alternative to existing centralized solutions with enhanced privacy and security.

At the core of Hub Cloud is the open-source decentralized storage and transfer infrastructure PIPE. This infrastructure eliminates any single point of failure and ensures necessary decentralization, while also offering performance on par with other centralized solutions. As a result, customers can benefit from increased security and privacy, as well as cost savings compared to traditional solutions.

To ensure the quality of their product, TangleHUB conducted BETA testing with their customers. Reports from the customers indicate that they are more satisfied with Hub Cloud, and have a greater peace of mind knowing that their data is stored in a decentralized network.

The launch of Hub Cloud marks a major milestone for TangleHUB and showcases the potential of decentralized storage solutions. Not only does it provide customers with greater security, privacy and cost savings, but it also opens the door to a new world of possibilities in terms of data storage and transfer.

Play & Earn with $MEMAG: A Revolutionary Mobile Gaming Platform

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild launching a high-quality gaming ecosystem.
• It rewards community members for victories and participation with native tokens called $MEMAG.
• $MEMAG tokens are now available during the presale at $0.007 with access to only 10% of the capped supply allocated to exchange liquidity.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild that is set to revolutionize the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. MEMAG is launching a high-quality gaming ecosystem that rewards its community members for victories and participation with native tokens called $MEMAG.

The MEMAG platform is designed to optimize gamers’ engagement, making it beneficial to both the ecosystem and the player. All of the MMG titles hosted on the platform will issue in-game rewards known as Gems. Players can convert these Gems into $MEMAG tokens and cash them out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum or reinvest them into the ecosystem. This ensures that players truly own all the in-game assets received as rewards.

The MEMAG platform provides several options for players to reinvest their tokens. Players can use their tokens to purchase virtual goods or items in the games, or they can use them to access additional content and bonuses. The MEMAG platform also provides a marketplace for players to trade and exchange their tokens for other goods and services.

Now on presale, $MEMAG tokens are available during the first stage at $0.007. Investors who buy the tokens now will own an asset that increases in value as it enters the different stages of its presale. Meta Masters Guild has a supply of 1 billion tokens. Of those tokens, the ecosystem has allocated 35% to the presale. Investors have more access to the tokens during the presale, as only 10% of the capped supply is allocated to exchange liquidity.

The MEMAG platform offers an exciting and engaging new way to play and earn rewards, while also providing a secure and reliable gaming experience. The MEMAG platform is setting the standard for future gaming ecosystems and is sure to be a hit with gamers and investors alike.

AAG Launches Revolutionary Crypto Wallet, MetaOne, to Simplify Web3 Onboarding

• AAG launched the MetaOne Wallet to provide a simpler and easier gateway into the Metaverse economy.
• The wallet features top-notch security and users can access their accounts with emails, biometrics, or device passcodes.
• MetaOne supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Harmony, and BNB Chain, with more chains expected in 2023.

AAG has recently developed a revolutionary crypto wallet called the MetaOne Wallet, designed to make the onboarding process into Web3 easier and simpler. The wallet provides users with top-notch security as they can gain access to their accounts through the use of emails, biometrics or even their device passcode.

At launch, the MetaOne wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Harmony, and BNB Chain. In addition, AAG has stated its intention to create support for multiple blockchains as multi-chain is key to the growth of any Web3 protocol. To make the adoption of MetaOne even easier, the company has partnered with Coinbase Pay and Simplex to provide fiat-on-ramps within the wallet.

Furthermore, the company has developed resources to help users interact with different digital assets easily. This includes a decentralized application (dApp) marketplace and an AAG academy for educational purposes.

Jack Vinijtrongjit, Co-Founder and CEO of AAG said, “I truly believe MetaOne will be a game-changer for Web3 infrastructure and make it easier for users to explore the Metaverse economy. We are working hard to ensure that users can access multiple blockchains and make fiat-on-ramps seamless and secure.”

MetaOne is a game-changing product from AAG which is dedicated to developing Web3 infrastructure. The company has created a simpler and easier gateway into the Metaverse economy as well as resources to help users interact with different digital assets. MetaOne is expected to become the go-to wallet for Web3 users as more blockchains are added in the future.