IOTA 2.0 Launches in 2023, Promising Secured, Permissionless Transactions

IOTA 2.0 and Shimmer Projects Launching in 2023

  • The IOTA team is launching the IOTA 2.0 blockchain in 2023 and their most important tasks are the Shimmer and IOTA 2.0 projects.
  • The IOTA 2.0 will offer feeless transactions, be decentralized, secure, and permissionless, process transactions within seconds without delay.
  • The platform will also lead to the creation of new business models based on micro-payments.

About IOTA 2.0

IOTA 2.0 is the group’s most important task for the first half of 2023 as it launches that year. The platform is positioned to offer more benefits with different kool kits than other scalable blockchain platforms like Fantom due to its leaderless consensus protocol which makes it a highly decentralized distributed ledger protocol able to handle more than just payments. With this platform, users can transfer data and value between humans and machines securely without having to wait for centralized entity confirmations regardless of network participants count. Furthermore, it offers feeless transactions which will benefit users when it launches in 2023.

GoShimmer Testnet

The developers‘ team has been providing updates about the IOTA 2.0 blockchain that has been in works for some time now but recently released information about its projects hints at its launch come 2023. The team is working hard on Shimmer so it becomes an efficient decentralized financial ecosystem that can compete with other blockchains as well as finalizing GoShimmer Testnet – an implementation of critical technologies such as recyclable addresses (Raddrs), Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) and Mana – an economic system designed to curb spam by making sending messages costly . Additionally, they are relaunching IOTA which includes improving tokenomics of IOTA and clear messaging narratives around what Iota stands for.

„Relaunch of Iota“

In 2018 when co-founder Dominik Schiener announced the project he marked beginning of a decentralized ecosystem with deactivation of coordinator involved in confirming transactions on tangle network paving way for complete decentralization as envisioned by creators when they launched original version back in 2015 . This also means „relaunch of iota“ which includes improved tokenomics (which refers to strategies used by companies or investors including factor such as pricing structure , distribution etc )of iota along with messaging narratives around what iota stands for .

„Finalizing GoShimmer Testnet“

As part of relaunching process , developers are busy finalizing GoShimmer Testnet which focuses on implementation of critical technologies such as Recyclable Addresses ( Raddrs ) , Directed Acyclic Graphs ( DAGs ) & Mana – An economic system designed basically to curb spam by making sending messages costly . These efforts from developers shows there commitment towards making sure shimmer becomes an efficient decentralized financial ecosystem that can compete with other blockchains .


All these developments point towards launch date set for first half 20203 where we can expect improved features from original version like feeless transaction processing within seconds without delay & ability create new business models based o micro payments powered by security & decentralization offered by iota’s leaderless consensus protocol .