Polygon and Inspect Accelerate NFT Adoption to Billion-Dollar Market

  • Polygon Labs and Inspect collaborate to foster the adoption of blockchain and NFT.
  • Inspect would integrate Polygon-based NFTs into its platform.
  • Both parties would contribute to making the NFT industry more interconnected, diverse, and stronger

Polygon Collaborates with Inspect for Billion-Dollar NFT Market

Polygon Labs has partnered with Inspect in order to drive the growth of the billion-dollar Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market. Through this collaboration, they are aiming to create a more interconnected and diverse space while fostering community adoption. As part of their agreement, Inspect will be integrating Polygon-based NFTs into its platform.

Accelerating Community Ecosystem Growth

Inspect is well known for providing valuable insights into the NFT markets which allows users to make informed decisions when it comes to making purchases or investments. The company has always sought to provide state-of-the-art tools and analytics that can help improve decision making in social ecosystems. By collaborating with Polygon Labs, they are hoping to further accelerate community ecosystem growth by introducing new use cases, technologies, and tools related to blockchain and Web3 space.

Integration of Polygon Based NFTs

This collaboration will enable both companies to explore new avenues for progress when it comes to advancing blockchain technology as well as equipping their communities with necessary resources in order for them to succeed in this dynamic digital environment. As a result of this partnership, Inspect will be integrating Polygon based NFTs into its platform which will make it easier for users to access these tokens as well as increase interoperability between different networks.

Oliver Cohen’s Statement

President of Inspect Oliver Cohen spoke about this collaboration saying: “We are elated to collaborate with Polygon Labs which aligns with our vision for the future of Non Fungible Tokens and blockchain landscape” He further added that this alliance will empower them “to explore new avenues for progress and innovation while equipping our community with necessary tools and resources” needed for them flourish in this space.


The two companies have agreed that each party will contribute towards making sure that Web3 has adequate affordability, security, scalability as well creating distinct non fungible token use cases through leveraging each other’s knowledge base, resources ,and technologies .