RFK Jr Beats Biden in Favorability Poll: Crypto Community Cheers New Leadership

  • RFK Jr Surges Ahead of Biden in Favorability Poll: Robert F. Kennedy Jr (RFK) is leading the Democrat-backed favorability poll ahead of the current president Joe Biden.
  • The Crypto Fraternity Backs RFK: The crypto community rallies behind RFK due to his support for the ecosystem and his promises to provide a free and fair crypto environment in the US.
  • RFK Makes Promises to Crypto Community: He promised at an event that he would provide a free and fair crypto environment in the US, while also condemning plans to impose taxes on cryptocurrency mining electricity consumption.

RFK Jr Surges Ahead of Biden in Favorability Poll

Robert F. Kennedy Jr (RFK) is known as a Bitcoin (BTC) advocate and one of the few key players expected to lead the crypto ecosystem to a better destination from the government. According to reports, RFK has gained a 49 percent approval rating in a recent Democrat-backed favorability poll, while current sitting president Joe Biden had 44 percent of the votes. This poll reveals who Democrats may choose to represent them in upcoming elections.

The Crypto Fraternity Backs RFK

The crypto community rallies behind RFK due to his ideologies and environmental activism, as well as his support for decentralized digital assets like Bitcoin. He is said to be one of the first presidential candidates to declare that Bitcoin is a symbol of democracy, and has shown interest in empowering all holders of cryptocurrencies.

RFK’s Political Career

RFK is the fourth member of his family running for office in U.S., following his uncle John F Kennedy who served as 35th president from 1961-1963 until he was assassinated. His decision to run for office has been received positively by many people due its potential impact on both politics and cryptocurrency ecosystems alike.

Promises Made by RFK To Crypto Community

At an event, he promised that he would create an open environment for cryptocurrencies if elected President: denouncing plans by current administration proposing 30% tax on electricity used for mining cryptocurrencies as unfair taxation on miners.


       This news signals a new era of leadership which could have positive implications not only on politics but also on cryptocurrency ecosystems around the world if this pro-Bitcoin presidential candidate wins office come 2023 elections – something that many members within this industry are hoping will happen soon enough!